Restaurant serves parottas made in the shape of masks in Tamil Nadu's Madurai

A Madurai restaurant made headlines on July 8 for selling mask-shaped parottas, coronavirus-shaped dosas, bondas to create awareness against the novel coronavirus pandemic. Dosas, bondas were created in the shape of the deadly virus and placed in the shop for sale.

The discovery was ideated by KL Kumar, the owner of Temple City, one of the largest eatery chains in Tamil Nadu's Madurai.

Pictures of the mask-shaped parottas, coronavirus-shaped dosas, bondas were shared on Twitter by netizens and is being circulated across social media.

Take a look at the picture here:

mask parotta
coronavirus dosa
coronavirus bonda
mask parotta
mask parotta
mask parotta

Undoubtedly, the Covid-19 pandemic has brought out the best in people. A few days back, a famous chain of sweet makers in Kolkata came up with a 'sandesh' shaped in the form of coronavirus, a red coloured spherical body coated with spikes. Now, a restaurant in Tamil Nadu has taken the internet by storm with mask-shaped parottas.

Tamil Nadu coronavirus update

Tamil Nadu recorded 3,756 new coronavirus cases on Wednesday, taking the Covid-19 tally to 1,22,350. The state recorded 64 fresh deaths. On the positive side, 3,051 patients recovered and were released from hospitals. So far, around 74,167 people have recovered, leaving the state with as many as 46,480 active cases.