Who is Uncle Clifford on Starz’ ‘P-Valley’? Meet Nicco Annan

P-Valley is packed with colorful, complex characters, but anyone who’s seen at least one episode of the Starz drama is sure to remember Uncle Clifford (Nicco Annan), the owner of The Pynk strip club in Mississippi’s Dirty Delta. After only a handful of episodes, Uncle Clifford, who uses she/her pronouns, has established herself as a fan favorite and a breakout character of the show, which premiered its first season on Starz last month.

Annan worked with P-Valley creator Katori Hall to shape Uncle Clifford, forming her into the unapologetic and bold queer character. “I was very specific on what I wanted, and what I did not want … I wanted to really get to the humanity of Uncle Clifford,” Annan told Digital Spy last month. “I wanted her to be reachable, and for people to understand: ‘Oh, she’s not a drag queen. Oh, she’s not trans.’ You know? And explore what gender fluidity looks like, or could look.”

Here’s everything you need to know about P-Valley‘s Uncle Clifford — the gender-fluid, non-binary character who acts as both the boss and mother hen of the women at her club — and the actor who portrays her, Nico Annan.


Annan is an actor, dancer and choreographer. Annan is originally from Detroit, Michigan, and left the midwest to study musical theatre at State University of New York-Purchase, according to Essence.


Uncle Clifford may have her own fling with Lil Murda (J. Alphonse Nicholson) on P-Valley, but Annan has not shared what his personal romantic life is like off-screen, so we don’t know if he’s married, dating or single. Annan is open about his sexuality, though, and identifies as gay. “As a Black man and as a Black gay man, it’s very seldom that I get the opportunity to tell such a rich, lush story that really means something and that I really feel speaks to my community and can uplift us,” he said of P-Valley in an interview with Essence.


Before Annan signed on to play Uncle Clifford on P-Valley, he appeared in multiple other projects. The actor, who has been working in the business since 2011, has credits on hit shows like This Is Us, Shameless and Claws, so it’s likely you’ve seen him on screen before


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