Where is Bugsy Drake on ‘Below Deck Med’ From?

Bugsy Drake may not be at the center of Below Deck Mediterranean‘s Malia-Hannah drama, but she’s certainly an important player. Last night, after weeks of passive aggressive professional interactions, Bugsy and Hannah actually agreed on something when they told Malia that living together would not be in their best interest. Of course, Malia refused to take “no” for an answer, and one all-crew walkie message later, the chief and second stew found themselves rooming together for the remainder of the charter season.

With all this bugging out going on, it’s time to get to know Below Deck Med‘s resident table setting expert. Where is Bugsy from Below Deck from? Who is Bugsy Drake’s sister who set up Malia and Tom? Here’s everything you need to know about Below Deck Med‘s Bugsy Drake!


Bugsy Drake is originally from South Africa, but she has spent the past six years on yachts across the world.


Below Deck Med viewers first met Christine “Bugsy” Drake in Season 2, during which she repeatedly butted heads with chief stew Hannah Ferrier. The two stayed in their respective corners until a few episodes into Season 5, when Bugsy was brought on as a second stew to replace Lara Flumiani. While Bugsy and Hannah have been able to keep things professional, the stews have spent much of the season talking behind each other’s backs, and Bugsy, a chief stew in her own right, is clearly chafing at her inferior position.


No clue on this one. It’s really not that hard, Jess!

Bugsy has been vocal about the drama on Below Deck Med Season 5 on her Instagram and Twitter pages. The South African yachtie live tweeted last night’s episode and retweeted messages of support throughout the night. “Thank you to everyone for watching #BelowDeckMed,” she wrote ahead of the episode. “For those of you who are upset by my return I hope you can find it within yourselves to give me a chance. I truly have no ill intentions towards anyone & hope you will be able to see that! Stay safe &happy.”


Last night, Bugsy revealed that it was actually her sister who set up Malia and her boyfriend Tom Checketts, the Wellington’s new chef. “My sister actually hooked Malia and Tom up,” said the second stew in a confessional. “They were all working together on a boat and Tom was like really interested in Malia. So I spoke to my sister about it and my sister was cabin mates with Malia and hooked the two of them up. I don’t actually know Tom but it’s a very incestuous small world.”

Viewers have yet to meet Bugsy’s sister in person, but for Hannah’s sake, let’s hope we don’t.

Below Deck Mediterranean airs every Monday at 9/8c on Bravo.

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