WATCH: Latest updates on COVID-19: June 3, 2020

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Some major developments we're tracking right now -- more than 9300 arrests in protests since the death one week ago Monday of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police. As the covid-19 crisis marches on with 6.3 million cases around the world, nearly 2 million confirmed cases here in the United States. Here with me now is ABC chief medical correspondent Dr. Jen Ashton. And Dr. Jen, we're facing multiple crises right now. We have obviously social protests, covid-19, possible hurricanes already on a sea storm here, and then you say that there are two other infectious disease outbreaks potentially going on in the world. Tell us about those. Yeah, we're certainly dealing with a lot. Two other viral outbreaks we're watching right now. Occurring in the Congo, this is ebola, this outbreak that's occurring right new in drc, in Africa, where they had really had this virus under control, at least nine cases have been reported thus far, including five deaths. One of them in a teenager. For some perspective, this outbreak is the 11th recorded ebola outbreak in the drc since the discovery of this virus in 1976. And unfortunately, that's not the only virus this region is dealing W they're also dealing with measles? We heard about it in this country a year ago. We have to remember, in other parts of the world, this is massive, in terms of measles, the world's largest outbreak is in the drc. They reported over 6,000 deaths since 2019 and well over 300,000 cases. We have to remember that measles is one of the most highly contagious respiratory viruses in the world and with an infection of measles comes a risk of death of approximately 1 in 1,000. And I know this is the time when we talk about what we don't know, instead, what do you see as the key factors in these outbreaks to remember. Put this into medical and scientific perspective here, covid-19 is not only the medical and scientific concern right now, it's not only the pathogen causing problems. In medicine and science we can't sugar coat the news. It's about facts and not fear. Making people aware is important. Measles and ebola really are affecting children disproportionately. Little different than what we're seeing in covid-19. You're going to be answering

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