Tory Lanez addresses Megan Thee Stallion shooting on new diss track


Weeks after he was named as Meghan Thee Stallion’s shooter, rapper Tory Lanez has broken his silence. 

The Canadian artist was arrested in July for carrying a concealed weapon following a shooting incident with Megan. The “Wap” rapper said she was shot in the feet during an argument with Lanez, but she didn’t initially identify him as the person who pulled the trigger.

On Thursday (Sept. 24), Lanez, whose real name is Daystar Peterson, apologized to fans for not speaking up sooner about the controversy. Earlier this month, he allegedly sent a text to Megan, apologizing to her and admitted he was “too drunk” during their wild night out on July 12.

 “To my fans … I’m sorry for my silence …. but respectfully .. I got time today …… 9 PM PST .,” he posted on Twitter Thursday. It marked his first social media post since the shooting. 

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He then hit up Instagram early Friday morning to promote a new 17-song album to his 10 million followers.

“There is a time to stay silent. And a time to speak,” he captioned a photo of the album’s cover. “I said all I could say on this.”

The album opens with the diss track “Money Over Fallouts,” where he addresses the shooting allegations and claims “Megan people trying to frame me for a shooting.”

He raps: 

“Girl, you had the nerve to write that statement on an affidavit

Knowing I ain’t do it but I’m coming at my truest

Trying to keep this (expletive) 200 with you, shorty, I can prove it.”

The track goes on with him accusing Megan’s people of trying to ruin him. (“Look at how you doing me, people trying to ruin me. And what’s even worse is I’m still thinking about you and me”).

He also claims to still have love for Thee Stallion and hints at a possible reunion (“I love you hard. … I’m still down to renegotiate the unity. My heart is some foolery”). On his ballad “Solar Drive @ Night,” Lanez details a relationship that caused him to fall “in love too fast,” seemingly referring to Megan.

Fans have responded to the album by slamming Lanez for attempting to capitalize on the assault of a Black woman. Many called the diss track “tone deaf” and criticized him for being insensitive.

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Last month on Instagram live, Megan confirmed that Lanez was the person who shot her and then had his team lie about it. 

“Since y’all hoes so worried ’bout it,” Meg said on the livestream. “Yes, this n***a Tory shot me. You shot me. And you got your publicist and your people going to these blogs lying and sh*t. Stop lying. Why lie? I don’t understand. I tried to keep the situation off the internet, but you dragging it. You really f*ckin’ dragging it. Muthaf*ckas talkin’ ’bout I hit this n***a. I never hit you. Muthaf*ckas was like, ‘Oh, she mad ’cause he was tryna f*ck with Kylie.’ No, I wasn’t. You dry shot me.”

Meanwhile, T.I. has revealed that he talked to Lanez about what went down that night with Megan and encouraged him to publicly speak his truth. 

“Listen, I don’t know, man. But, I spoke to him and he said the sh*t didn’t happen like that,” said Tip. “I said, ‘Well, you need to be saying something, bruh. How did it happen?’ And he said he couldn’t say nothing about how it did actually happen. I told him I understood that.”

The hip-hop star added, “I said, ‘Man, you can’t expect nobody to ignore the facts that are being presented if you don’t have any other conclusive facts that can overturn these. You got to say something, bruh.’ If you ain’t going to say nothing, you can’t expect nobody else to. I ain’t about to just shut up when you got facts out here that say it’s a woman been shot at the hands of another Black man within the culture. We’ve got to speak out on that. We’re the f*ck n***as if we don’t.”

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