This week on "Face the Nation," February 23, 2020

Russia threat far from over

Intelligence officials are issuing a stern warning ahead of the 2020 election: Russia's interference campaign is not over.

In a briefing to the House Intelligence Committee last week, election security officials warned lawmakers that Russia intends to interfere in not only the general election, but also the Democratic primaries - in an effort to get President Trump re-elected.

The president was reportedly angered that the assessment was disclosed to Democrats on the committee, complaining they would use it against him. He later dismissed the warning as another "hoax" by Democratic rivals.

Mr. Trump then announced that he will be replacing his acting Director of National Intelligence, Joseph Maguire, with Richard Grenell -- a Trump loyalist who currently serves as the ambassador to Germany.

2020 trail

Reeling off a debate in Las Vegas, Democratic presidential candidates are gearing up for the Nevada caucuses on Saturday -- a state with a more diverse racial makeup than the population of Iowa and New Hampshire.

Latest polling found Sen. Bernie Sanders is favored to win the caucuses and former Vice President Joe Biden in second place.

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