This hydraulic cutter can clip through a car in seconds

TNT Rescue Systems makes life-saving equipment used by emergency responders and rescue teams. These heavy-duty tools are engineered to cut through a car without so much as touching the hair of the passengers inside.

During a car accident, passengers can very easily wind up trapped inside. In the event of a car accident, trapped passengers can become vulnerable to gas, fire or explosion. The efficiency and precision with which emergency responders cut through a car frame can be a matter of life or death. 

“Fire departments and other organizations frequently need to do just that — cut and bend heavy metals — in their life-saving duties,” the editorial staff at safety equipment supplier W.W. Grainger notes. “When they come across these situations, they need hydraulic rescue tools that can offer power and that is also easy to use.”

Hydraulic rescue tools can cut, pinch, spread and ram metal. Before hydraulic powered equipment became available, responders depended on less reliable methods, such as using circular saws  — these saws can be dangerous and ineffective because they don’t work fast enough during an emergency and can emit sparks. Hydraulic machinery, on the other hand, uses liquid compression to generate large amounts of power.

“Hydraulic cutters are the biggest, meanest, sharpest pair of shears you have even seen,” Grainger’s staff points out. “They have metal blades (often made of hard steel) that can cut through even the most difficult metals. The hydraulic power that operates them puts forth an amazing amount of pressure, so they can chomp away at anything they’re applied to.”

Watch the clip above, as TNT Rescue Systems demonstrates how powerful life-saving hydraulic cutters are in a car accident.

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