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Memes featuring Sonu Sood helping migrant workers to reach home kept trending on Saturday. The actor is working actively to help migrant workers stranded in different Maharashtra to reach their homes in different parts of India.

Sonu Sood trends on Twitter sparking a memefest 

Amidst the lockdown Sonu Sood has been helping migrant workers by arranging transport facilities to take them home.

Sonu Sood


We often see Sonu Sood replying on Twitter to those approaching him for help, with the words: "Pack your bags" or "get ready to hug your mom". These have become the subject of memes.

Another meme features all the avengers in one frame, captioned: "Reel Life Heroes" and a picture of Bollywood actor Sonu Sood, captioned: "Real Life Hero".

A funny meme features Sonu Sood as "Babu Bhaiya", Paresh Rawal's character in "Hera Pheri", who after seeing migrant workers stuck in Mumbai, tells Raju (Akshay Kumar), "Aye Raju bus nikal re (Raju please prepare the bus)."

The actor's name and the keywords "Real Hero" also trended on Twitter throughout the day. 

"Not all superheroes wear capes, one is known as #SonuSood. He is a fantastic samaritan who has touched millions of hearts with immediate act of care and charity, and has also provided a system of sustained care. #sonusood @SonuSood salute u brother," shared a user.

"Sonu Sood Sir is the Vaccine for Migrant Workers. He is not less than God for the workers & peoples who want to go home & meet their family. Love you 3000 sir, you're doing a remarkable job. Real Hero #SonuSood," tweeted a fan.