Son of Connect 4 inventor claims Hasbro stole his game idea

The heir to the Connect 4 game fortune is suing Hasbro for allegedly stealing his idea for a new line of toys called Mash-Ups that combine classic games controlled by the toy company, according to a suit filed in Manhattan Federal Court earlier this month.

David Wexler’s late father, Howard, invented Connect 4, which is licensed to Hasbro and has generated hundreds of millions of dollars in sales.

Between 2007 and 2015, David, 37, pitched his idea to Hasbro, proposing to combine two classic Hasbro games into one — including Yahtzee and Boggle, or Monopoly and Trouble.

David and Hasbro signed an April 2015 agreement, which “prohibited Hasbro from using the ideas submitted for commercial purposes without Mr. Wexler’s consent or payment of the industry standard royalty,” according to the suit.

Hasbro claimed to reject the pitch, but began selling their own line of Mash-Ups in 2019 while refusing to pay David a royalty.

“Hasbaro had made millions of dollars from selling game mash+ups of Hasbro games and specific games copied from and inspired by Mr. Wexler’s ideas,” Wexler says in the suit.”They rejected any obligation to pay Plaintiff a royalty for its obvious use of Plaintiff’s ideas in breach of its obligations.”

David’s attorney, Philippe Zimmerman, the The Post, “as alleged in the lawsuit, they stole his invention of a new line of toys that combined Classic Hasbro games.”

Hasbro didn’t respond to a request for comment.