‘Renovation Inc.’: HGTV Brings ‘Renovation Island’ Prequel Series To U.S. Audiences

HGTV will bring the business beginnings of Renovation Island stars Bryan and Sarah Baeumler to American viewers when Renovation Inc. debuts on HGTV Aug. 30.

The new-to-HGTV program, which aired in 2016 for HGTV Canada, features the Baeumlers walking viewers through the establishment of their shared Canada-based renovation company and the constant juggling of business projects and family affairs.

The duo’s first hit series, Renovation Island, takes place in the Bahamas where the couple turns a rundown beach resort into the successful beachside Caerul Mar Club. Island, which first aired on HGTV Canada as Island of Bryan in 2019, came to U.S. audiences in June.

“It’s been so exciting for Sarah and me to share our adventures in The Bahamas with HGTV fans on Renovation Island,” said Bryan Baeumlers. “Now, we’re even more excited to go back in time and show you what we were up to before moving to the island and how it all got started.”

While fans of the renovation stars have to wait until August to catch the prequel series, they can catch new Renovation Island episodes Sundays 8 p.m. on HGTV.

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