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As coronavirus continues to keep people across the country locked inside their houses, Bollywood celebrities have been making their bit to keep their fans entertained by throwing up challenges to cope up with social distancing. But actor Rohit Roy has a unique way to put a smile on people's faces.

Rohit is quite active on social media and keeps posting about the current issues, a peek into his personal life and a little bit of humor to go along the way. He recently posted a Rajinikanth joke about the ongoing pandemic saying that the superstar has been tested positive for coronavirus, and then corona had to go under quarantine.

Rajinikanth, Rohit Roy

Rajinikanth, Rohit RoyInstagram

"Rajinikant tested +ve for Corona. Corona is now under quarantine," Rohit Roy posted the joke on his Instagram. He posted a caption alongside it which reads, "Let's beat the shit outa the corona!! Be safe when u get back to work! Wear your masks n keep washing n sanitizing several times a day, as much as possible... The virus can't affect us unless WE LET IT ! #staysafe."

Though it sounded funny like a typical Rajinikanth joke, many people found it insensible and took it in a bad taste.

Joke gone wrong

However, Rohit was quick to clarify that it was a normal Rajinikanth joke that was meant to make people laugh and feel good while they are under house arrest.

"Guys chill ... don't be so morose! A joke is a joke.. and sorry I don't think it's in bad taste.. it's a typical Rajni sir joke.. and my intention was to make you guys smile.. look at the intention before you start commenting.. at least I didn't crack a joke to hurt you all like you all are posting messages deliberately to hurt me," Rohit Roy clarified in a comment on his post.

Rohit Roy

Rohit RoyInstagram