Pooping for justice: Journalist Millie Weaver tweets photo of woman defecating on Utah Police Car

Houston Police Chief's passionate speech to crowd protesting George Floyd's killing is winning the Internet

Pooping for Justice has become a popular hashtag after a picture that purports to show a woman defecating over an overturned police car went viral.

Millie Weaver, an InfoWars journalist, who also runs an online website - Millennial Millie posted the image on Twitter with a caption that read: "A woman defecates on an overturned police car at the Salt Lake protest/riot. #PoopingForJustice #chicagoprotest #phillyprotest #clevelandprotest #laprotest."

It has to be mentioned that Millie Weaver has been vocal about her support for President Donald Trump and his policies including the decision to designate ANTIFA as a terrorist organization.

Utah protest tweet

Millie Weaver

Millie WeaverMillie Weaver Twitter

The image of the woman pooping over an overturned police car interestingly is widely shared by individuals who appear either to be Trump supporters or from India. Nonetheless, the image is widely being shared with the hashtag #PoopingforJustice.

The image shows a white woman sitting over an overturned police car with "4 George" sprayed over the word police, while the woman defecating. The picture shows several bystanders watching and some even pointing their phones to record the woman.

According to a report in The Commune "the scantily clad woman protestor climbed up a turtled police vehicle and defecated on it as other on-lookers cheered and recorded it on their phones.

It is claimed that the incident took place in Salt Lake City, Utah. Even though the pictures of the incident are widely being shared, at this moment the veracity of the claim can not be established. However, the image of the woman seen defecating resembles the pictures of the police car that was flipped by angry protesters at Salt Lake City Public Safety Building.

Protests Turn Violent

Meanwhile, protests turned violent in Salt Lake City where thousands of protesters gathered near the Salt Lake City Public Safety Building to be part of the George Floyd rallies.

After the civil unrest turned violent on Saturday, curfew was imposed in the area till Monday morning after protesters flipped a police car and vandalized it, reported KSLTV.

"The safe space we offered for today's protest is no longer safe for anybody," said SLC Mayor Erin Mendenhall. "Please, if you are on Salt Lake City's streets right now and do not meet those exceptions, go home." 

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