narendra modi on NEP 2020

PM Modi was addressing an education conclave on 'Transformational Reforms in Higher Education under National Education Policy'.Twitter

Inaugurating an education conclave on Friday, August 7, being held by University Grants Commission (UGC) titled 'Transformational Reforms in Higher Education under National Education Policy', Prime Minister Narendra Modi discussed a slew of new initiatives under the new NEP 2020.

PM Modi's address, which started at around 11 am today, was broadcasted live through the Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube page of UGC and Twitter and Facebook page of the HRD Ministry.

Key points from PM Modi's speech on NEP 2020:

  1. The NEP 2020 was approved after extensive discussions for over 3 to 4 years and deliberation over lakhs of suggestions, PM Modi said.
  2. "No one said that there was any bias in the National Education Policy," said the PM while addressing the event.
  3. National Education Policy is being discussed across the nation today. People from different fields and ideologies are giving their views and reviewing the Policy. It's a healthy debate. The more it is done, the more it will be beneficial to the education system of India, PM Modi said.
  4. PM Modi also said that the NEP speaks about how students can be skilled to make them ready for the future. With this policy, students would be able to grow up to become nation-builders, the PM said.
  5. "How can we boost critical thinking and innovative thinking in children if there is no passion in education and no philosophy of education," PM Modi said.
  6. "There were no major changes in our education system in past few years. It caused our society to encourage herd mentality, instead of curiosity and imagination. How can youth develop critical and innovative ability if there's no passion in our education, no purpose of education?" PM Modi enquired.
  7. Changing times has given rise to a new global system, the PM said. With a new global standard rising, it was essential that India changed its education system at par with the rest of the globe. Moving ahead from school curriculum's 10+2 structure to creating a 5+3+3+4 curriculum, is a step in this direction, the PM said.
  8. Our education system focussed on 'What to think' so far but the new policy emphasises on 'How to think'. The effort is to lay emphasis on inquiry based, discovery based and analysis based ways to help kids learn, PM Modi said.
  9. PM Modi also said that multiple entry and exit points in higher education can help students with jobs.
  10. On teacher training focus in NEP 2020, PM Modi said, "I believe that when a teacher learns, a nation leads."

Here's a link to PM Modi's speech on NEP