Peter McMahon joined wife Dana Perino and Fox News Digital Politics Editor Chris Stirewalt to break down the result of this week's general election in McMahon's native United Kingdom on the latest edition of the "Perino & Stirewalt: I'll Tell You What" podcast.

The Conservative Party dominated Thursday's election, winning 365 seats in the 650-member House of Commons to give Prime Minister Boris Johnson a clear majority of 80 seats. The opposition Labour Party, led by hard-left parliamentarian Jeremy Corbyn, could only win 203 seats, their worst result in a general election since 1935.

"First of all, kudos to Boris Johnson," McMahon told Perino and Stirewalt. "He's only the second prime minister I've known in my lifetime who has had the guts to say, 'Back me or sack me.' The only other one was Ted Heath when the miners were on strike back in [the mid-1970s] ... Boris did the same."

However, McMahon took issue with Johnson's characterization of the result as "a great, big stonking mandate for Brexit," saying it was actually "a great, big stonking rejection of Jeremy Corbyn."

"Labour's worst enemy was actually Jeremy Corbyn because he was unelectable," McMahon said ... "He's probably the worst Labour leader in living memory, and that says something, there's been a few ... He's pro-Hamas, he was pro-IRA [Irish Republican Army] in the days when those big, brave heroes were murdering children in the name of Irish unity. The man's a disaster."

When asked by Stirewalt whether the Labour Party would moderate its hard-left policies in the wake of Thursday's defeat, McMahon said: "I believe that they will probably keep going the way they've been going. They have a lot of people who are, they're not just socialists, they're Marxists and they have a lot of power in the Labour Party."


Stirewalt noted that Thursday's landslide for Johnson is "the election Donald Trump is hoping for."

"The election Donald Trump is hoping for is, 'Look, you may not like me, I may have unusual hair, I may be not your exact cup of tea. But this other person is a kook and a socialist and a crazy person and they want open borders and late-term abortion and all of this stuff.' And that's why for Democrats, they feel this urgent need about, 'We've got to find somebody who's moderate enough to talk to people in the suburbs and to talk to working-class white voters."