Penn Station vagrant busted for threatening to shoot outreach workers

The troublemaking vagrant whose alleged threats got a homeless outreach nonprofit to flee from Penn Station was arrested — for nearly the 100th time — as the group’s office reopened at the transit hub Friday, police sources said.

Eugene Watts — who allegedly threatened to open fire on workers at the embattled Bowery Residents Committee — was collared for criminal contempt by Amtrak cops at 11:30 p.m. Thursday, police said.

The bust came after The Post revealed the taxpayer-funded group’s satellite office had been closed for days because Watts allegedly told workers he’d “come back with a gun and shoot.”

The hostile homeless man has been arrested 91 times dating back to 1985 for charges including robbery and grand larceny, police sources said.

Watts, who claims to be a former pro boxer, was nowhere to be seen at the station Friday.

But dozens of other transients milled around the outreach office, which had a new glass door and a sign reading, “We’re Open, Ring the Bell!”

A misspelled sign noting “THE OFFICE IS TEMPRORIRLY UNAVAILBLE” had been removed.

Workers buzzed in homeless people and urged them to get help from the city.

“They are going to shelters,” a BRC worker said after gesturing towards a Post article about the closure on his phone. “We let them know where the resources are — shelters, pantries, soup kitchens, where to go to take a shower.”

During the closure, the station had descended into chaos.

On Friday, transients were spotted yelling, sleeping and blocking stairs at the terminal. Others were seen sipping liquor and stumbling around.

Nakisha Turner, a commuter from Morristown, New Jersey, said she called 911 to report a vulgar vagrant Friday.

“He leaned forward and said, ‘Give me that p—y you gave me last night,” said Turner, 48. “He didn’t whisper, he said it loud. I was angry. I turned and looked at him and said, ‘Don’t talk to me like that.’”

She added, “This is ridiculous. They have to do something.”

On Thursday, Watts was spotted sipping a brown-bag beer as police asked him to leave Penn Station.

“Kiss my black a–. I’d rather go to jail. I can get an apartment,” he growled at cops, who looked the other way.

Watts, who denied making the gun threats, hadn’t been arraigned as of Friday evening.

The BRC is under contract with Amtrak to run the outreach office at Penn Station. It also has a contract with the MTA at Grand Central.

But it was called out by the state comptroller last year for only dedicating 26 percent of its time to actual outreach.