NYPD cop caught on camera purposely coughing on Bronx man

A plainclothes NYPD cop purposely coughed on a man in The Bronx amid the coronavirus pandemic, a shocking new video shows.

The short clip, posted to Instagram Thursday night, starts as two officers are starting to walk away from the group of men, saying “we videotaped the whole thing, alright?”

“It’s alright,” the man filming can be heard responding.

A third cop then leans in, his face only a few feet from the group, and loudly coughs twice without covering his mouth, the video shows.

“Oh my god, you on camera,” a man yells. “We caught that!

“Yo, what’s your name what’s your badge numbers?” the man and others can be heard asking as the man laughs.

“You can get fired for that,” another man yells out.

The coughing cop responds at one point but it could not be made out what he says.

The three plainclothes cops, all of whom were not wearing masks, then get back in their unmarked car and the video ends.

While it was unclear when the incident happened, the man filming said it occurred in the 44 Precinct.

A second video taken from across the street shows about eight men congregating in front of a car. Only one appears to be wearing a mask.

The NYPD did not immediately respond for comment.

Coughing is one of the primary ways doctors have said the pandemic coronavirus is spreading throughout the world.

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