Nurse Paints How Easy Bacteria Can Spread in Grocery Shopping Demonstration

A new poll found that almost 100% of Americans say they are taking steps to protect themselves from the spread of the coronavirus. 

However, one nurse is warning Americans that taking steps, such as wearing gloves in public, is not a guaranteed way to protect oneself from the virus. In a video shared on social media, the nurse used paint to show just how easily gloves can give people a false sense of security if they are not careful.

“I’m seeing a lot of people out in public wearing gloves right now,” she said, adding, “That’s great if you want to wear gloves that’s all fine and well. You absolutely can.”

“But, I want to remind you of this little thing called cross-contamination,” she added as she began her simulation of a shopper wearing gloves.

She provided an example of someone picking up a package of toilet paper and dipped her fingers in the paint to simulate bacteria spreading from the packaging to the gloves.

“And now, if you can see, I have all these germs on my hands from my toilet paper, but it’s in my cart. But, it’s on my gloves. That’s fine, right? It’s on my gloves. But, now I’m walking along, and my phone rings. So, I’ve now touched my hands together a couple times. And I reach for my phone, and I have a text message from my husband.”

After scratching her noise and bringing the phone up to her ear, she notes how the bacteria has spread from the products in the store, to the gloves, and then to her face. 

“Look, this is called cross-contamination. There’s no point in wearing gloves if you’re not going to wash your hands every time after you touch something. There’s no point, friends,” she said.

Watch the video below:

Nurse uses paint to show how easily germs can spread

A nurse in Michigan simulated a trip to the grocery store and used paint to show how easily germs spread through phones and doors even while wearing gloves, after she became frustrated by seeing shoppers improperly use gloves for protection.

Posted by ABC News on Monday, April 6, 2020

Finally, she said, “So, do whatever makes you feel safe, but remember there is some science here, and all this fear is just manifesting people into being crazy and not acting very smart.”

“Go ahead, wear your gloves, but you need to clean your hands all the time. Don’t touch your face. Don’t touch your dirty phone,” she added.

Her video comes as the latest data as of Monday morning shows there were over 338,000 confirmed cases of the coronavirus in the U.S. 

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