Nick Cannon support Kanye’s presidential bid: ‘We need another black man in power’

Kanye West will have at least one vote for president.

Mariah Carey‘s ex, Nick Cannon, is supporting Kanye West’s run for president, saying America needs another black man in office.

“I love it!” Cannon said about Kanye’s run for president to TMZ, during a recent visit to Los Angeles International Airport.

“Yeah. We need another black man in power,” Cannon said, affirming that he would vote for Kanye.

During the June 30 episode of his YouTube series, Cannon interviewed rapper Richard Griffin, known as Professor Griff, about his dismissal from hip-hop group Public Enemy in 1989 for saying “the Jews are wicked” and are responsible for “the majority of wickedness that goes on across the globe.”

“You’re speaking facts,” Cannon agreed. “There’s no reason to be scared of anything when you’re speaking the truth.”

Since then, Cannon has been meeting with rabbis and learning about Judaism at the Simon Wiesenthal Center.

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