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Miz Cracker is on fire

Miz Cracker
Miz CrackerTamara Beckwith

We Hear checked in with “RuPaul’s Drag Race” star Miz Cracker, who admitted she’s been spending her time in quarantine reconnecting with drag – and also arts and crafts.

What have you been up to during quarantine?

For a long time, I was building a little model houses out of popsicle sticks and hot glue. Then I started realizing that was a little too like the movie “Hereditary” for me. I actually found a way to reconnect with drag because I’ve been running all over the world touring with my show “American Woman.” And I just got in this mode where I was sort of punching the clock and just doing drag automatically. And now that everything’s slowed down. I’ve gotten a chance to love it and appreciate it again and actually do it for its own sake. And I do want to say that any power, any platform I get from All Stars, I want to use to support the change that Black Lives Matter is trying to make. And so this is a sweet moment, but it’s a bittersweet moment, too. And it’s like not about achievement. It’s about hopefulness for what’s coming.

You have a history of activism yourself, right?

The thing that I think of most is when I was just starting drag, my drag mother, Bob the Drag Queen, told me that every time she got on a subway car, every single head turned to her because she was in drag. And she was like, “well, if I’m going to have everyone’s attention, I may as well use it to say something important.” And she always taught me that that kind of activism was as much a part of drag as lashes and heels, if not more.

What are some things you think we can expect from this season of “RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars”?

Well, not to give too much away because I know I’m supposed to be on my best behavior, but I think this is a season of high emotions, feelings, drama, intrigue. Like in other All Stars season, I feel like the judges introduced a lot of twists and everything to keep things interesting. But that was not necessary. There’s not but one twist provided by the judges because we. Were. Wild. So just buckle up and expect something really crazy because this is not season 12. OK? We are not “best friends” race. This is a whole different- we are “RuPaul’s ‘at-arm’s-length’ Race” at best. It will be really interesting to watch.

From the Page Six vault

Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee in 2005.FilmMagic

Pam Anderson is a timeless summer fixture, in our eyes. Back in August 2009, the “Baywatch” star was seen out in LA with her ex-hubby, Tommy Lee:

Pamela Anderson divorced Tommy Lee, but the busty babe still supports the father of her children. Anderson showed up Thursday night at Motley Crue’s gig at the Forum in Los Angeles wearing “skintight jeans, pink stilettos and huge sunglasses,” our spy said. “Pam was drinking beer and going wild.” Lee appreciated the effort and started screaming into the crowd for Anderson. But he couldn’t persuade her to go the band’s after-party, so he consoled himself with several strippers.

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