Matt Damon Is Involved In A Lot Of Feuds, According To Rumors

Celebrity feuds can get nasty as we’ve seen over the years. One actor who has been alleged to have beef with his famous colleagues is Matt Damon. The tabloids have claimed the actor has feuded with some of his elite costars and acquaintances but was any of this true? Gossip Cop has rounded up the few times we busted the tabloids for being wrong about Damon fighting with other celebrities.

Matt Damon Vs. Alyssa Milano & "Me Too"

Back in 2017, HollywoodLife alleged Matt Damon was “taking to heart” Alyssa Milano’s criticism about his remarks on sexual misconduct. At the time, the “Me Too” and “Time’s Up” movements were taking place, with a lot of women coming forward about their experiences with sexual harassment in the workplace, particularly actresses. Damon sat down with ABC for an interview where he gave his perspective on the situation. The actor’s remarks, however, didn’t sit well with Milano. The actress took to Twitter to express her disappointment in Damon’s interview. A supposed source told the repeatedly debunked website that Damon “took to heart” what Milano said but still stood firm on his comments. Gossip Cop learned the actor never said this and at the time, the actor was more so focused on his father’s battle with blood cancer.

Damon Vs. Shookus

A year later, In Touch tried to stir up drama between Damon and his longtime friend, Ben Affleck. The outlet maintained the Damon was not fond of Affleck’s then-girlfriend, Lindsey Shookus. The false narrative alleged Damon didn’t think Shookus “measured up” to Affleck's ex-wife, Jennifer Garner. Damon and Affleck have been friends for decades, and while friends may disagree often, we weren’t convinced Damon would deliberately have an issue with whom his friend dated. This was confirmed by a rep for Damon who told us on record the story wasn’t true.

Damon Vs. Sexton

By the fall of 2018, RadarOnline also tried to create problems between Damon and Affleck. The website purported Damon wanted Affleck to dump Playboy model, Shauna Sexton, who Affleck was dating at the time. The outlet claimed Damon wanted Affleck to get “healthy” without Sexton and urged his friend to cut the model “lose.” However, the notoriously wrong outlet was debunked by Gossip Cop before for claiming Affleck proposed to Sexton. This time was no different, after investigating the story, we found it to be false.

In short, Damon doesn’t seem to have any issues with his friends or colleagues in the entertainment industry. His long career in Hollywood, and the fact that he's maintained multiple friendships for decades, seems proof enough that allegations of continuous feuds must be false.

Matt Damon Fighting With Christian Bale?

A few months after that, Life & Style declared Damon was feuding with his costar, Christian Bale, on the set of their film, Ford vs. Ferrari. "Matt messed up one of Christian's shots and said something along the lines of, 'Don't lose it with me. The cameras are still rolling!'" a so-called source tells the magazine. The phony story furthered asserted Damon was “not a fan” of Bale’s antics on set. This, however, was not true. Damon had spoken highly of his costar, particularly in 2011, when he praised Bale’s performance in the movie The Fighter. Additionally, there was no real evidence to support that idea two had any issues between them.

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