London Police Officer Fatally Shot While Detaining Suspect

A London police officer was shot and killed early Friday inside a London police station while detaining a suspect, officials said.

  In a statement, London’s Metropolitan Police said the incident occurred at 2:15 am London time at the Croydon Custody Center on the city’s south side.  

  The British Broadcasting Corporation reports the 23-year-old suspect as being detained, he produced a weapon, shot the officer, and then turned the weapon on himself. Officials say no police weapons were fired.

  Police say the suspect is being treated at a London hospital, where he is in critical condition. The officer has not been identified while police notify his family.  

  British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, on Twitter, offered his condolences to the officer’s family and colleagues as did London Mayor Sadiq Khan.

  Britain has strict firearms laws, and it is rare for police officers there to be shot and killed.

  The BBC reports the Croydon officer is the 17th on the London police force to have been killed by a firearm since the World War II.

  The broadcaster reports since the beginning of the 20th century, only 73 police officers have been shot and killed by criminals in Britain, excluding all deaths in Northern Ireland. The majority of the deaths - more than 50 - have occurred since 1945.

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