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As the lockdown draws on, everyone's creativity is being expended. Now after a couple of months the passion and motivation to keep oneself busy and stimulated are turning out to be more difficult. This uphill climb only seems to be getting steeper. 

Bollywood through this lockdown has tried to motivate fans. Many are posting positive messages, encouragement, awareness, tips, etc. Now, Varun Sharma has said how he is learning Spanish under lockdown. Motivated by Money Heist maybe?

Varun Sharma


Varun Sharma is learning Spanish amid lockdown

Everybody is trying to be productive this lockdown. Of everybody, it's the Bollywood celebrities who seem to be the most productive at this point. We're now in Lockdown 4.0 and if by now you aren't wondering what to do next with your time, you're one of the lucky few.

This whole lockdown Bollywood has been showing us how to be productive, stay safe and aware. Stars have been sharing their hobbies, chores, workouts, and whatnot. Still, that doesn't mean all of us are motivated towards working on something. Now, just to give us one more idea that only ends up making us think about how we've spent the lockdown doing next-to-nothing, Varun Sharma is learning a new language. 

Actor Varun Sharma, popular as Choocha in the "Fukrey" films, is trying to expand his linguistic skills. He is learning Spanish during the lockdown. "It is difficult to keep yourself busy all the time, so I thought why not use this time to explore a new skill. Hence, I am learning a new language. I always wanted to learn a new language and finally I got some time," Varun said.

He has also been learning painting with tips from his mother. On the work front, Varun will be sharing screen space with Rajkummar Rao and Janhvi Kapoor in Roohi Afzana.