Kudlow Expects Enhanced Unemployment Checks to Go Out in Roughly Two Weeks

White House Economic Adviser Larry Kudlow revealed on Tuesday when Americans could expect to receive the enhanced unemployment checks.

The host of Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom” Sandra Smith mentioned a tweet issued by Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) expressing his concern with President Donald Trump’s executive order on unemployment benefits.

“President Trump’s executive order on unemployment benefits is put together in such a sloppy way that it’ll take weeks or months for states to even implement,” Schumer said.

He added, “Millions could lose everything before they ever see a check. Republicans must get back to the negotiating table!”

Smith asked for Kudlow’s response to Schumer’s tweet and when would Americans see the check.

“We are estimating it’ll take about two weeks to get the checks out, the benefits out. It will be administered by the states,” Kudlow said.

He added, “And let me repeat this. It’s going to be $700 per person per week. That’s a very big number. Second, let’s not forget president’s payroll tax deferral, which will be a wage hike for middle-class Americans, a wage hike of roughly $1,100.”

Kudlow noted the checks will provide financial assistance to the 16 million unemployed Americans and the 140 million who are employed.

He explained their goal is to provide more incentives to Americans to work and come back to work.

“These are crucial items to assist, to help, to grow the economy, and I think that’s a big reason, these are big reasons why the stock market is feeling so darn good,” Kudlow said.

Trump signed executive orders on Saturday after negotiations over the next coronavirus relief package hit an impasse, as IJR previously reported.

In addition to unemployment relief, his orders include provisions for a payroll tax cut, a moratorium on evictions, and an extended suspension of interest on student loan payments.

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