Kelly Rowland says she ‘almost lost everything,’ went ‘rich broke’

Kelly Rowland said that in spite of being in one of the most successful groups of all time, she nearly went broke due to careless overspending.

The Destiny’s Child star said she “almost lost everything” because she was spending so much trying to “keep up” with a lavish wardrobe, car and home.

The “Bills, Bills, Bills” singer said in a YouTube interview with her pastor, Erwin McManus: “I was ‘rich broke,’ and I will never forget having this moment … I called my best friend and I said, ‘I just don’t know what to do.’ ”

Her friend advised her to donate to the church, despite her financial woes. Though her business manager told her she couldn’t afford the donation, she gave the gift anyway — and said she believes it turned her situation around.

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