Kanye West 'Meltdown' Just A Ploy To Boost Ratings Of KUWTK?

Is Kanye West’s latest public "meltdown" just a scheme to help sagging ratings of Keeping Up WIth the Kardashians? Or is this tabloid just extremely insensitive toward a man suffering a bipolar episode? Gossip Cop has the scoop.

The article exaggerates the current state of the show. It says the most recent season premiere drew 1 million views, “a huge drop from the five million who tuned in to the show’s debut season in 2007.” Nearly every single television show has seen ratings hit since 2007. Ratings for season 18 are pretty on par with season 17 and it remains a top ten show in cable ratings, so no supposed meltdown would need to be devised in the first place.

Kim Kardashian Has Asked For Compassion

The state of West’s mental health has been a matter of public curiosity for years now. He and Kim Kardashian have spoken publicly about his bipolar diagnosis and how that continues to affect his friends and family. Kardashian recently released a statement through Instagram pleading for empathy, saying: “I kindly ask that the media and public give us the compassion and empathy that is needed so that we can get through this.”

West’s Mental Health Is Not Just For A Show

This story has been denied by West's spokesperson but Gossip Cop is busting this story because this untrustworthy tabloid is just exploiting West’s serious mental health problems to punch down KUWTK. West has been a fixture on the show for years, and there’s no reason to think the program would start “orchestrating” emergency room stays as this tabloid implies.

A Horrible Track Record Where West is Concerned

This tabloid has made a habit of making outlandish stories up about Kanye West. Recently it claimed he would stop his music career to become a painter. West has a known passion for fashion, but he’s yet to make any splash into painting. The tabloid also claimed West and Kardashian were getting a $600 million divorce, never happened.

Gossip Cop also debunked this tabloid for alleging West was building his own oval office into his home. The tabloid claimed West was indefinitely walking away from the spotlight, as if that would ever happen. It even claimed West was leaving Kardashian for Caitlyn Jenner. The stories, when they aren't insulting, are completely outlandish.

The tabloid has no true insight into West’s personal or professional life. West’s public breakdown has not been easy for his family, and saying it’s just for ratings is callous and wrong.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.

West's Meltdown Is Orchestrated For Ratings?

The National Enquirer is doing what Kardashian specifically asked the world not to do, and that is exploiting West’s mental health to try and sell papers. The tabloid claims via an anonymous “insider” that West’s breakdown is exactly what KUWTK needs to increase ratings. The so-called insider says West’s breakdown “will provide a major boost in interest” for the program once it returns to the air.

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