Jennifer Lopez Dropped Two New Songs, And There's More

New music alert for Jennifer Lopez! She’s recently teamed up with Columbian artist Maluma for two new singles as well as a two-part music video. This is just the first part of what’s to come from the two superstars, since the new songs are actually part of the soundtrack for their upcoming movie, Marry Me.

While other people have been baking bread and gardening throughout quarantine, Jennifer Lopez has been cooking up a surprise for fans across the world, and taking the word “global” to the next level by teaming up with Maluma, one of the hottest young artists out of Columbia.

Lopez has been on a social media blitz promoting the songs as well as the upcoming film. She’s been especially active on TikTok, which probably explains that Charli D’Amelio cameo we caught in the music video. Other TikTok users are encouraged to join the fun by trying to master D’Amelio and Lopez’s moves with the tag #PaTiChallenge.

It’s always good to hear from Jennifer Lopez about her new projects. Typically here at Gossip Cop, most of the news we see about Lopez comes from the tabloids, which are notorious for getting the story wrong. Lopez’s personal relationships, especially her romantic ones, have sparked some truly odd stories from these outlets over the years.

One tabloid, Woman’s Day, recently reported that Lopez was being driven to drink over problems with her fiancé Alex Rodriguez. The stress of planning the wedding, along with the outlet’s outlandish claims that Lopez was the “sole breadwinner” in the couple, had driven the usually sugar-conscious Lopez to consuming alcohol while dining out with her sister.

Gossip Cop had several problems with this story, starting with the false narrative that Rodriguez was somehow lazy or jobless, thus unable to contribute to the family. In actuality, Rodriguez has a tidy fortune of his own, thanks to his various business ventures, not to mention his wildly successful career as a pro baseball player. The report had no basis in reality, which is why we determined it to be completely false.

The two recently got together to release two new singles, “Pa’ Ti” and “Lonely,” which are featured in the talented pair’s newest music video. This is just a tease for what’s to come, since Lopez and Maluma will be starring together in the Universal Pictures movie, Marry Me, which will be released February 12, 2021. The songs are available for purchase and downloads across most platforms, including Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify.

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