Jeff Daniels Shares the Importance of ‘The Comey Rule’ Airing Before the 2020 Election

The two-part event series “The Comey Rule” will premiere this weekend, and actor Jeff Daniels is offering insight into why he believes the movie airing before the 2020 presidential election is so important.

Daniels, who portrays former FBI Director James Comey in the film, spoke on CNN’s “The Lead with Jake Tapper” where he was asked about how he was “adamant” that the series came out before the upcoming election in November.

“Why was it so important to you for this to be seen before the election? What do you want people to take away after they see this film?” CNN’s Jake Tapper asked Daniels.

“I want them to know more than they did in October 2016, to know more than I knew,” Daniels responded, adding, “This is just the Comey story. There are other things.”

He continued, “I think people need to be far more informed going into this election than they were four years ago.”

“I hope… on November 3rd we go into that election with a little more information, and ‘The Comey Rule’ is one of those things that can provide that,” the actor added.

Watch the interview below:

Comey also appeared on the show where he explained why he felt “nauseated” while being at some of the filming “watching some of the scene’s play out,” as Tapper mentioned.

The former FBI director also shared what it felt like to “relive all of this.”

“The source to the nausea was that the reliving was so real,” Comey said, adding that the day he showed up was the day they were filming “the scene in the Green Room where Donald Trump asked me to pledge personal loyalty to him, and watching Jeff and Brendan Gleeson capture that moment it took me right back into the room and it made me feel ill. It was so real.”

Comey continued, “They did an extraordinary job. It’s really hard to watch, but I hope people watch it.”

“The Comey Rule” is a “two-part event series that tells the story of two powerful men, whose strikingly different ethics and loyalties put them on a collision course,” as the Showtime summary reads. It airs on Sunday and Monday night.

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