Inside the scrapped coronavirus retreat for the wealthy

A proposed luxury coronavirus retreat where the wealthy could quarantine to “mingle, no masks required,” has been scrapped.

A now-removed Web site for Harbor — the retreat dreamed up by Jay Jideliov of tech company Callision, and Mikhail Larionov — offered, “a safe place fueled by compassion, creativity, and acceptance,” for those who made the cut based on an application.

The oasis promised deep-pocketed members would find: “a community of makers, thinkers, and doers that can become your sanctuary.” And, “Harbor will give you an opportunity to meet, mingle, and collaborate with some of the brightest forward-thinking individuals—no facemask required.”

Prices ranged from $3,000 to $6,000 per person per month, complete with yoga and drum circles — as well as an “on-boarding health check” to make sure everyone was COVID-19-free.

But the owners of a California manse shown in the ad told Page Six that they never rented the estate to Jideliov and Larionov.

“They randomly grabbed the picture of one of our houses and put it up on their Web site,” a rep for management company Purveyors of Leisure told us. “We had never talked to them before. Once we saw the news, we reached out and our attorneys sent a cease-and-desist to remove the image.”

Also, “They initially put up an image of another house and then said, ‘This isn’t the actual house… We are accepting applications from homes.’ Next thing, the site was completely down.”

A rep for the pair told Page Six regarding the location that the duo, “have spoken to the owner of the property, addressing the stock image mixup by our creative team.”

And that they were trying to “keep the location private from the start to ensure the safety of our members.”

Jideliov and Laionov told the Guardian: “We have decided to close the Harbor open call based on the latest recommendations from the White House and the CDC, and will provide updates as the situation develops.”

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