"Ingraham Angle" host Laura Ingraham opened Wednesday's show by warning that the far-left orthodoxy being peddled in one of the most elite public school systems in the country will become the model for American education if Joe Biden and the Democrats take power in November.

"Black Lives Matter' zealots now have outsized influence in school districts like Fairfax County [Virginia] and their goal is to turn your kids into hard-core activists by remaking education from top to bottom," she said, playing a clip in which one education official talked about establishing an "anti-racist school system" and adjusting the social studies curriculum.

"When you watch that, you imagine the worst of Howard Zinn plus maybe the 1619 Project," she said. "Every subject, every extracurricular activity will be perverted to turn your kids into mini-Ilhan Omars.

"They will learn capitalism is racist, history as conventionally taught is racist, literature -- most of that -- is racist, patriotic songs are racist, and the Declaration and the Constitution, of course, they are racist. Are you sensing a theme here?"

Ingraham predicted that the fundamentals of Reading, Writing and Arithmetic will be replaced by Cancel Culture and Community Organizing while dissenting faculty and students could find themselves ostracized or potentially subject to some sort of "race tribunal."


At the same time, Ingraham said, Fairfax County Public Schools has made changing the name of Robert E. Lee High School in Springfield, Va. a top priority, with suggestions for a new namesake including former President Barack Obama, Rep. John Lewis, D-Ga., or labor leader Cesar Chavez.

"Our schools, under the guise of racial awareness, will be pressured to bow to these types of radicals, people who would rather sit at home and conduct online propaganda sessions than act like the essential workers that they are," said Ingraham who predicted that a President Biden would likely stack the Department of Education with such figures.

"That is scary."