Ice cream made with liquor is now legal in New York, because sure, why not

And so, by the power vested in Gov. Andrew Cuomo by the state of New York, liquor-infused ice cream is now legal in the Empire State.

The governor signed legislation Monday authorizing the manufacture and sale of liquor-infused frozen desserts. The measure is intended to help the state's dairy workers, liquor producers, restaurants and retailers meet an "increasing consumer demand" for alcoholic ice cream, the governor's office said in a news release.
Ice cream containing wine, beer or hard cider was already legal in the state.

"The craft beverage industry has experienced explosive growth in New York and with that comes a responsibility to advance regulations that help ensure long-term viability, protect consumers and provide farmers with opportunities to increase their business," Cuomo said in a statement.

"This legislation will further grow a burgeoning industry and boost small businesses while helping to put them on a path of sustained growth that empowers both producers and consumers."

Per the new law, boozy frozen desserts can contain a maximum of 5% of alcohol by volume and will require the same labeling and warnings as products with wine, beer and cider.

State Sen. Rachel May and Assembly Member Donna Lupardo said the new law would help businesses and boost tourism in the state.

"This legislation will help New York's dairy industry and our liquor and craft beverage industries at the same time," May said in a statement. "I am very grateful to the Governor for signing this into law, and I look forward to sharing some maple bourbon ice cream with him at next year's State Fair!"

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