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Ileana rose to popularity in South Indian films, before trying to settle down in Bollywood. The actress, who was one of the highly paid actresses of Telugu and Tamil movies back then, had started her career in Tollywood flick Devadasu and blockbuster Pokiri was her second venture.

Following the success of Pokiri, Ileana was flooded with offers. She was considered a lucky charm by Telugu producers and many felt that her presence alone brings luck to their films. Hence, she was being signed to the projects.

Between 2006 and 2010, Ileana was part of numerous of successful movies and predicted to be the next female star of South Indian movies till she worked with Jr NTR in Shakthi. This film changed the direction of her career following her fallout with the makers of the film.

Ileana was upset with the makers as the end product was different from what it was narrated initially. So, she choose to skip the movie promotions, which did not go well with producer Ashwini Dutt.

There were also rumours of her ego clash with Jr NTR. During the shooting, the actors were not seeing eye-to-eye. It was said that the relationship had strained to an extent where the Kick girl used to be seen on the sets when called for the shots and stayed in the caravan all the time.

Ileana D'Cruz

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Speculations used to do rounds that Ileana never used to mingle with the team. As the result, the makers on the advice of the hero, had made a lot of changes in the storyline.

Although there were no clarity on this rumours, Ileana had vented out her disappoint after the film's release about the controversy. "Meher Ramesh narrated the story to me. But the final output was totally different. He made a lot of changes and I can't help it. It turned out to be a flop. I couldn't connect to the story and hence didn't promote it. But Nenu Naa Rakshasi is a better film and I am sure it will do well," Ileana was quoted as saying in the interview.

This cost her dearly as it virtually ended her career in Tollywood. After this film, Ileana completed the films that she had signed before and thereafter she did not get any offers. Not that there were formal complaints filed by the makers of Shakti at Producer's Council and Movie Artistes Association, but she had irked the leading actor of Telugu film industry, said reports.

Slowly, she was ignored from South Indian film industry and she was forced to find a refuge in Bollywood.