Home security video captures close-up images of gunman killing companion at point-blank range in Rogers Park

Chicago police have obtained a video of a homicide last weekend that shows two men side by side in front of a Rogers Park apartment building before one of them turns slightly and the other quickly pulls a gun and shoots his unsuspecting companion in the back of the head at point-blank range.

The shooting took place just before 7 a.m. June 28 in the 1400 block of Lunt Avenue, a leafy stretch of apartment buildings a few blocks from the lake in the North Side neighborhood. The gunman’s face is never visible in the video.

The victim, 36-year-old Angelo Pullum, collapsed instantly and lay motionless on the concrete walk to the building as his killer jogged out of view, the video shows. Police said last week that the killer was seen getting into a black SUV that drove west toward Clark Street. The case remains unsolved.

The video was provided to the Tribune by a source. The Chicago Police Department’s news affairs office acknowledged its authenticity and confirmed the video was captured by a security camera facing the street in one of the apartment building’s units.

Pullum was taken to Amita Health St. Francis Hospital in Evanston, where he was pronounced dead. Court records from a 2017 felony drug arrest showed he lived a few blocks away, in the 1100 block of Morse Avenue.

The Sunday morning shooting took place during an exceptionally violent weekend when several children were shot across the city, and it stood out because it took place in a neighborhood not often hit by gang violence.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot and her new police superintendent, David Brown, have been under increasing pressure to do something to stanch the surging street violence at a time when police conduct is also under unprecedented scrutiny nationwide.

The brazenness of the Pullum homicide, carried out in broad daylight in front of dozens of apartment windows with potential witnesses looking on, was surprising even to veteran police officers. “That’s just crazy, isn’t it?” a police source said.

In the video, which is time-stamped 6:56 a.m., two men can be seen crossing Lunt together and weaving between parked cars before settling on a spot in front of a closed black iron gate in front of an apartment building.

They stand facing the street and chatting for about 30 seconds. Pullum, dressed in a black T-shirt and long black shorts, red sneakers and a red baseball cap worn backward, appears to be at ease with the man standing to his right. That man, dressed in royal blue sweatpants with white stripes and a black sweatshirt with the hood covering his head, can be seen rocking back and forth on his feet while they talk.

After about 30 seconds, when Pullum turned his head away from the man, the killer stepped back and pulled a silver-colored semi-automatic handgun from his pocket or waistband, placed it at the back of Pullum’s head and fired once. Pullum collapsed against the fence gate, which swung inward. The other man trotted off into the street and disappeared at the right of the video frame. The whole scene played out in less than a minute.

Pulllum had an history of drug-related arrests. The most recent, the 2017 case, resulted in him pleading guilty to one felony count of possession of a controlled substance.

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