‘Give It a Try:’ Trump Calls on Biden to Take a Cognitive Test

President Donald Trump is challenging 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden to take a test, and it is one Trump says he has passed.

Trump took to Twitter Thursday evening to suggest Biden take a cognitive test, even if he believes Biden will not pass it.

“He cannot pass the test I ‘aced.’ He should give it a try!!!” Trump tweeted.

This is not the first time Trump has fixated on Biden’s mental status.

He has called Biden “sleepy Joe” in the past and on June 28 he issued a tweet slamming Biden as he claimed the former vice president has a “low IQ.”

“THE VAST SILENT MAJORITY IS ALIVE AND WELL!!! We will win this Election big,” Trump tweeted. “Nobody wants a Low IQ person in charge of our Country, and Sleepy Joe is definitely a Low IQ person!”

Trump has reportedly been focused on Biden’s cognitive function more recently.

According to some White House officials, Trump has encouraged advisers to attack Biden over his mental health.

Biden press secretary TJ Ducklo released a statement on June 22 responding to Trump’s repeated criticism of Biden.

“For someone so obsessed with appearing strong, Donald Trump shows us every day just how weak he is,” Ducklo said.

He added, “Donald Trump doesn’t care about the health or economic prosperity of the American people. He only cares about himself.”

Trump has received criticism of his own after The Lincoln Project, an anti-Trump Republican group, released an advertisement on June 16 explaining why Trump is not fit for office.

“Something’s wrong with Donald Trump. He’s shaky, weak, trouble speaking, trouble walking,” the narrator said at the start of the ad.

White House spokeswoman Sarah Matthews issued a statement defending Trump.

“I challenge anyone who absurdly questions this president’s health to spend one day trying to keep up with his rigorous schedule,” Matthews said.

She added, “This president never stops — whether it’s working early in the morning or late into the evening.”

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