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A police officer, accused of gross misconduct, admits to giving oral sex to a senior police sergeant at a misconduct hearing in Pencoed. PC Jemma Dicks has accepted the allegations against her involving sergeant Adam Reed, but argues her actions amount to misconduct but not gross misconduct.

"The factual allegations are admitted. The officer says the conduct admitted amounts to misconduct but not gross misconduct," case presenter Barney Branston told the hearing. The hearing panel would be able to dismiss Dicks from the South Wales police force only if found guilty on the count of gross misconduct.

Allegations against police sergeant

PC Dicks also admitted engaging in sex acts several times between November 2017 and August 2018 at Cardiff Central police station. Reed, however, had claimed he engaged in sex acts with Dicks only on one occasion.

Reed is accused of three breaches of conduct, involving Dicks and an unnamed police community support officer while on duty at Cardiff Central in May 2018. In October 2018, Reed is also accused of taking photographs of the feet of a female officer from the force's professional standards department while in the office. Reed has since resigned from the force and would not be attending the hearing. A Police Federation representative has been communicating with Reed's wife on the

"He has since disclosed that he did so because he has a foot fetish," South Wales police's website says based on the details of the allegations posted there.