‘DC’s Stargirl’: Mikey Knows The Drill In This Exclusive Clip

We’re almost at the end of the first season of The CW’s hit DC’s Stargirl, and that means everyone is in danger in “Stars & S.T.R.I.P.E. Part One.” Airing on Tuesday (August 4) at 8/7c, the first part of the finale finds the heroes on the run, and the Injustice Society of America ready to enact their evil plan. But don’t worry, first Mikey (Trae Romano) is going to do something extremely annoying, as you can above in Decider’s exclusive clip from the episode.

In it, Pat Dugan (Luke Wilson) is getting ready to finally tell his son his secret: he isn’t just an unassuming automobile repairman living in Blue Valley, Nebraska; he’s also Stripesy, sidekick to heroes and a sort of mentor to the new, young Justice Society of America. Or more specifically, he’s going to show his son S.T.R.I.P.E., the massive robot he built out of spare car parts, as a way of proving he is who he says he is.

Only problem? Mikey can’t stop playing with a drill he found.

“I brought you down here ’cause I want to explain something to you, okay?” says Pat over the sound of an electric drill. “It’s something I really have no idea how to explain, so I thought, that if I just showed it to you that–”

“Listen, I don’t need to see some boring old car that you’ll turn into some metaphor about life,” Mikey shoots back, briefly putting down the drill.

Annoyed, Pat starts to explain that this isn’t about a car… It’s about the Injustice Society, which is planning on brainwashing half of America as part of their villainous plan — and (though Pat doesn’t know this explicitly) that ISA member Icicle (Neil Jackson) has ordered the murder of Pat, Mikey, Courtney (Brec Bassinger) and Barbara (Amy Smart). But you know what? Mikey can not stop using that drill.

Pat snaps, Mikey storms out, and then Pat hears a mysterious sound, indicating something extremely ominous is about to happen. What that ominous thing is, and if Mikey will ever reunite with his new favorite power tool, you’ll just have to tune into the episode to find out.

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