Cruz Mocks Democratic Senator’s Coronavirus Relief Proposal: ‘Why Be So Cheap?’

After negotiations between Trump administration officials and top Congressional Democrats broke down, President Donald Trump took unilateral action to provide some financial relief to Americans.

However, Democrats noted that Trump’s executive orders did not include funding for schools, hospitals, state and local governments, or another round of direct payments to Americans.

On Monday, Sen. Ed Markey (D-Mass.) took to Twitter to propose sending Americans $2,000 for every month the pandemic continues and three months after it ends. He also suggested that the $2,000 should be retroactive to March.

“Give every person in our country $2000/month for the duration of the pandemic, $2000/month for 3 months after that, and $2000/month retroactive to March,” Markey said.

That prompted Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) to respond jokingly, “Why be so cheap? Give everyone $1 million a day, every day, forever. And three soy lattes a day. And a foot massage.”

He added, “We have a magic money tree — we should use it!”

However, Markey did not appear to appreciate Cruz’s sarcasm as he fired back, “It’s not a goddamn joke Ted.”

He continued, “Millions of families are facing hunger, the threat of eviction, and the loss of their health care during a pandemic that is worsening every day. Get real.”

On Saturday, Trump signed several executive orders after negotiations on a new coronavirus relief bill broke down.

His orders are intended to freeze evictions for renters and homeowners, defer the payroll tax, pause interest on student loans through the end of the year, and extend enhanced unemployment benefits at a lower rate of $400 per week instead of $600.

However, Democrats have suggested that the orders are “paltry,” “unworkable,” weak,” and “far too narrow” and would not provide real relief for Americans.

After he signed his executive orders, Trump told reporters that top Democrats had reached out to re-start negotiations on a new bill that would provide funding for other entities left out in his orders.

However, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) denied that was the case, “Fables from Donald Trump. Fables. That’s what he seems to specialize in.”

“He makes these things up or hears from somebody at one of his fundraisers or at his country club. Oh, the Democrats are calling you.’ He acts like it’s true,” he added.

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