CNN 10 - May 29, 2020



1. Memorial Day originated with a tradition of placing flowers on the graves of troops killed in the U.S. Civil War. What was this day originally known as?

2. What U.S. state, which is the only one made up of two peninsulas, saw flooding in Gladwin County after two dams broke following heavy rains?

3. What is the name of the private company whose Crew Dragon capsule was set to launch on Wednesday, though the mission was delayed until this weekend?

4. What was the reason why the spacecraft referenced in question 3 did not launch as originally planned?

5. Astronomers say they recently discovered a rare, ring-shaped type of what -- a large group of stars that's thought to be 11 billion light years away?

6. Ninety percent of all the ice on earth can be found in what location?

7. In the U.S., what professional sport is planning to return to action around the weekend of July 4th, with its season cut in half and with no fans in the stands?

8. The Great Blue Hole, which is popular with divers and travelers worldwide, is located off the coast of what country?

9. What is the name of the sport whose participants attempt to swim deeply without a breathing apparatus (like an oxygen tank)?

10. Name one of the East African countries mentioned on Friday's show that has become swarmed with locusts.

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Football news:

Again, we shake hands with Carlos Tevez 🤝 He will give half a year's salary to the victims of the pandemic
Cesc Fabregas: for me, Messi is the best. He always wants to win
The return matches of the 1/8 final of the Champions League and 6 matches of the Europa League will be held at the stadiums of the host teams
Rivaldo: talking about VAR, Barcelona is trying to distract attention from the real problems of the club
Ribery about the robbery: the Fans and Florence to support me. Fiorentina forever!
Vinicius tested negative for the coronavirus. He will be able to play with Alaves
The tournament-the return of MLS-is still a failure. Spend in Florida (7-11 thousand cases per day), players are afraid of the virus and complain about food