The Bay Area's NPR and PBS member station KQED announced 20 layoffs on Monday.

The layoffs represent 5.5% of the station's workforce. A "handful" of other employees had their hours reduced.

Senior leadership said the station is facing a $7.1-million budget gap for the next fiscal year after the coronavirus pandemic fueled a sharp decline in corporate sponsorship. Members of the senior leadership team will take compensation cuts of roughly 12% in the next fiscal year.

KQED announced that five journalists — three of whom "helped lead KQED’s coronavirus coverage" — were among those laid-off. The station did not provide information on the other 15 layoffs.

Other cost-saving measures taken by the station include elimination of a 2020 salary increase for all staff and furloughs for all non-essential staff from Dec. 28-31 and July 6-9.

Eric Ting is an SFGATE reporter. Email: [email protected] | Twitter:@_ericting