Chainsaw-wielding men covered in blood terrorize Toronto beachgoers

It wasn’t a Toronto Chain Saw Massacre — but two blood-covered, chainsaw-wielding men terrorized beachgoers in Toronto over the weekend, according to videos and local reports.

The slasher-film-seeming footage, which was posted on Facebook, shows the duo, blood dripping down their shirtless torsos, pointing power tools toward a crowd at Cherry Beach on Sunday morning.

“You’re f–ked,” one of the men yells as he approaches a backpedaling group, and revs the chainsaw.

“Who the f–k hit me?”

A witness tweeted that she came face-to-face with the men on a nearby biking trail, writing “SCARY AF out of a f–king movie… WTF Toronto,” a local blog reported.

Another Twitter user wrote that “two guys with chainsaws covered in blood” were “charging people” at Cherry Beach.

Police said they were called to the lakeside beach park around 10 a.m. over reports of a large group getting into a fight.

Two men were injured in the brawl and were arrested after they returned to the scene with weapons, cops said in a statement to local outlet CityNews, without elaborating on what kind of weapons.

Another video showed the men being handcuffed on the ground as officers tell them they will get medical attention.

Police didn’t immediately release the identities of the men or their exact charges, citing an ongoing investigation.

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