Biden campaign shares sleepy Twitch live stream of view from back of his Amtrak

Guess Joe Biden supporters really love to see him go.

The Democratic presidential nominee’s campaign lived up to its reputation as the most tranquilizing White House bid in recent memory, launching a perhaps the dullest Twitch live stream ever of Biden’s whistle-stop tour — showing nothing more than the view out the caboose of his Amtrak.

The 77-year-old Democratic presidential nominee boarded a chartered train from Cleveland, Ohio, Wednesday after his chaotic debate showdown with President Trump and will spend Wednesday making stops in Trump country — eastern Ohio and western Pennsylvania.

The Biden campaign attached a camera to the back of their ride and is streaming a live feed as the train snakes through America’s Midwest on the streaming website Twitch, typically a favorite among young professional gamers.

Biden’s “Build Back Better Express Tour” offering is much less heart-pounding than a round of Call of Duty, with the whistle-stop video accompanied by relaxing electronic beats.

“How are you getting this much bandwidth on Amtrak?” one viewer joked.

Biden’s choice of Amtrak is a personal and well-known one, given his years spent riding the rails between Washington, DC, and Wilmington, Del., as he cared for his two young sons after becoming a widower as a young senator.

The Democratic stalwart has frequently spoken about how the daily 250-mile round trip spurred him to keep fighting for the working-class neighborhoods he passed.

Relaxing railroad webcams are a niche but popular form of internet entertainment, with some MTA train drivers getting in on the act and uploading “cab cams” to YouTube — one 90-minute clip of an A train ride from Inwood to Rockaway Park garnering 540,000 views.

Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders was the first high-profile presidential contender to join Twitch in 2019 in a bid to woo and engage young voters.

The hours-long video, first noted by Verge reporter Makena Kelly, is reminiscent of a nearly nine-hour video of Sanders’ herculean filibuster on the Senate floor of a Biden tax cut in 2010 — with the clip being viewed a whopping 2 million times.

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