Privacy of users' is a major concern on dating apps?

Ever since the lockdown started in late-March, going on dates, meeting new people and hanging out with your crush is all obsolete. But there's no reason to be completely disappointed as online dating apps have come to the rescue for all the singles out there. But it's been months and there's a likelihood that you're exhausted of checking out virtual dating profiles and swiping left and right on Tinder. But one particular dating profile on Tinder is making everyone pause before giving your thumb an exercise.

While the majority of Tinder profiles are alike, there are some that are truly lit. Just by reading their bio, one is easily compelled to swipe right and, if lucky, fix up a date. Bengaluru, the city popularly known as the Silicon Valley of India, is full of surprises and the latest example of it was seen on Tinder.


Tinder profile worth checking out

Tinder with a cause

A female techie turned to Tinder to get some help on a coding issue she has been stuck on for days. The profile briefly describes what's the issue and there's a reward in the end. Help solve the coding issue and this Bengaluru techie is willing to go on a date (for real).

"Looking for someone who could help me with an issue related to checking out file from perforce using python. I'm kind of stuck with that issue since last 3 days. The same code works in windows and linux but not on mac," the techie's Tinder profile bio reads.

Solve a code, earn a date

Things get interesting after. The 27-year-old urges anyone to match only if they can be of help in the coding issue she has been facing and already promises an engaging and unique conversation.

Tinder profile of a Bengaluru techie

Tinder profile of a Bengaluru techie

"Please match me only if you can help! Let's do timepass by discussing about code rather than just asking what's your name, what's your native, what do you do or other similar and repetitive questions like that," she wrote.

Finally, the biggest reward is saved for the end. "I'm ready to go on date if you help me to resolve this issue," she wrote. Let's hope this Bengaluru techie has found her code-mate and they are coding away to glory in these tense times of lockdown.