Barstool Sports debuts podcast episode with N-word in title

They’re lowering the bar stool.

On Sunday, Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy ruffled online feathers after refusing to apologize for making offensive remarks in the past. Now, it appears his controversial sports site is doubling down on the troll tactics — by airing an episode of their podcast “2Biggs” with a title that spells out the N-word.

The installment, titled “Barstool N - - - - R (Now It’s Gonna Get Extremely Real) feat. the Minority Report,” was announced Wednesday on the podcast’s Twitter account.

Social media reaction to the title was swift and predominantly negative, ranging from a simple “Cringe” and “y’all proud of this?” to “Looking like fools with that acronym” and “Y’all had a good discussion and threw it out the window for a shock value title, smh.”

During the inflammatory hourlong show, hosts Willie Colon and Brandon Newman joined other black Barstool creators to address “Dave Portnoy’s use of the N-word and his racist comments regarding Colin Kaepernick and his protest in 2016,” per the description on Apple. They’re referring to a recently resurfaced segment from 2016 in which the Barstool bigwig compared the kneeling Kaepernick to an “ISIS guy,” which ignited a social-media spat between Portnoy and the Atlantic writer Jemele Hill.

Later on, Colon recapped a one-on-one conversation with Portnoy — known within the company as El Presidente — where the founder explained why “he will not apologize for his racist remarks in the past,” per the Apple synopsis.

Indeed, the pot-stirring media president has held true to his offensive word.

This past Sunday, Portnoy clapped back at critics of a Twitter compilation of various times he’s dropped N-bombs during broadcasts. “Memo to the cancel cops. I knew this was coming before you did. And I’m ready. You don’t cancel me. I cancel you,” he wrote.

“I’m uncancelable,” the Barstool boss declared in an accompanying video.

This isn’t the first time El Presidente has made inflammatory remarks. In May, the rabble-rouser went on a profanity-laced tirade in which he claimed he’d “rather die of corona” than lose his business during the pandemic.

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