Kerala man died in plane crash

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Another unfortunate tragedy struck Kerala on Friday evening amid destructive floods in the southern Indian state. An inbound Dubai flight crashed while landing after the plane skidded off the tabletop runway at the Karipur Airport in Kerala's Kozhikode city. The plane plunged 30-40 feet into the valley and broke into half.

The plane crash could've gone worse, but the plane did not catch fire, which helped in the evacuation of the passengers on board. Unfortunately, 17 people, including both pilots, didn't make it and several others sustained serious injuries.

Little did the passengers know about their unfortunate fate when they boarded the flight in Dubai. But one family that was returning home had absolutely no idea that their world would never be the same at the end of the flight. The deadly plane crash orphaned a 2-year-old young girl and widowed a 23-year-old woman, both of whom are hospitalized after sustaining serious injuries from the crash.

'Back to home'

Kerala plane crash

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A father's promise to get the family "back to home" was delivered, but with a heavy loss that his wife and kid have to bear. Sharafu Pilassery, a resident of Kozhikode Kunnamangalam Pilassery, had posted a selfie with his wife and daughter, identified as Amina Sherin and Fathima Issa respectively, with the caption "Back to Home."

The family is seen wearing PPE kits, mandated on flights due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The young girl is seated in her mother's lap while they pose together for the selfie taken by Sharafu. That post was the last thing Sharafu's family and friends will ever read.

There's no update on the health status of Amina and Fathima besides that they have been hospitalized and being treated for their injuries.