Are my state tax deadlines extended due to the coronavirus?

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Due to recent events, the federal government extended the deadline to file and pay your 2019 personal income taxes from April 15 to July 15 — which includes the first- and second-quarter estimated tax payments for the 2020 tax year. But have your state taxes also been extended?

For starters, each state individually decides whether or not to extend its deadlines. And while many states have delayed their filing and payment deadlines to coincide with the federal requirements, not all have.

Find out if your state has adjusted its tax deadline and when you're expected to file and pay below.

States that have extended 2019 tax deadlines to July 15

Some states extended their deadlines for 2019 income tax filing and payments as well as estimated income tax payments for the first and second quarters of 2020 to July 15. These states include:

States with different 2020 estimated tax deadlines

Due to state laws or other circumstances, some states extended their 2019 income tax return filing and payment deadlines to July 15 but made different choices for 2020 estimated tax payments due. Here's a breakdown of where these states differed.

Certain states opted for different tax deadlines

Not all states decided to use a July 15 deadline. Instead, the following states have deadlines as follows:

States with only interest and dividends taxes

New Hampshire's interest and dividend tax deadline is extended until June 15 for taxpayers that owed $10,000 or less in taxes for the 2018 tax year. The deadline for first-quarter estimated tax payments for 2020 has been extended to June 15, while the deadline for second-quarter estimated tax payments remains set at June 15. Taxpayers that owed $10,000 or more in taxes in 2018 must file or pay by April 15.

Tennessee's Hall income tax deadline is extended until July 15. Tennessee does not require estimated tax payments for the Hall income tax.

States with no income tax

Seven states have no individual income taxes at all. Since you don't have to file an individual income tax return of any kind in these states, there is no deadline to extend. There are also no estimated tax payment deadlines to extend. These states include:

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