Uttar Pradesh bride groom

The pair apparently wanted to make a statement against the high prices of onions.Twitter/ANI

Amid soaring onion prices across India, it seems that the normal flower garland has gone out of fashion. A couple in Varanasi exchanged garlands, which were fashioned out of onions and garlic, on their wedding day.

The pair apparently wanted to make a statement against the high prices of onions. Guests at the wedding also gifted onions to the couple.

A few days ago, a couple in Tamil Nadu's Cuddalore, received a bouquet of onions as a gift for their wedding.

Onion bouquet

The prices of onion rose to touch Rs 180 over the weekend in Tamil Nadu.Twitter

Excessive rains reduced onion supplies, thereby, exponentially increasing prices. In some parts, onions have started to cost around Rs 150 per kg.

Kamal Patel of the Samajwadi Party said: "Prices of onions are touching the sky from last one month so now people have started considering onion as precious as gold. In this wedding, the bride and groom used the garland of onions and garlic. The prices of onion have risen to Rs 120 per kg."

Bride, groom oppose skyrocketing prices of onions

Another Samajwadi Party leader Satya Prakash said the new couple wanted to oppose the high prices of onions and so decided on this unusual method.

"The bride and groom have tried to convey a message by opposing the skyrocketing prices of onions and other food commodities. Samajwadi Party has carried out several protests against such issues. This is a historic event for the couple," he added.

According to the SP leaders, the price of onions continues to surge in markets of Varanasi.

Centre keeping close vigil

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said that the Central government is closely monitoring onion prices which have exponentially shot up recently.

According to the minister, the situation is gradually improving with increased shipments of onions coming into the country.

Replying to a query on the rising onion prices, the minister replied: "Onion prices have started to fall in some places from their peak levels, although they have not declined as per requirement."

"We have a Group of Ministers which is reviewing (the situation) on almost every one or two days gap and deciding on how to further take up import-related issues...."